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No Boundaries | Dasey and Jogan 

They hadn’t been dating long the first time it happened.  As soon as Julian and Logan figured out that Casey had finally, finally forgiven Derek for acting like a moron, they demanded that the couple go on a double date with them.  Casey loved the idea from the second she heard it, which is how they found themselves in an empty theater one evening with Logan and Julian despite Derek’s protests.

About halfway through the movie, Logan leaned over and told Derek that he and Julian were going to get more soda, and did either of them want anything while they were there?  After Derek told him they were fine, he and Julian walked out leaving Casey and Derek alone in the theater.

“Are movies with them always like this?” Casey asked, glancing around the empty theater.

Derek shrugged.  “Yeah, usually.  Anytime we come here we try to see a movie that’s been out for a while.  Watching a movie with Julian and a theater full of people wanting to talk to him isn’t easy.”

Casey laughed.  “I can imagine.”  As she looked around the theater again, a small smirk crossed her face.  “Still, it’s kind of nice having the whole place to ourselves.”

Derek recognized the look on his girlfriend’s face; that look was part of the reason they were so good together, part of the reason he loved her so much.  That look was the reason he wasn’t surprised when she leaned over and brought their lips together.  He immediately threaded his fingers into her hair, deepening the kiss.

As the kiss grew more and more insistent, Casey slid the hand she had resting on Derek’s thigh upwards until she was palming him through his jeans.  Derek groaned at the touch, bucking his hips, searching for more friction.  Casey smirked at the sound as she thumbed open the button of his jeans, and slowly pulled down the zipper.  He groaned again in relief as she finally freed his erection, the sound turning into a whine when she started touching him with light, teasing touches.

“God dammit, Case,” he growled, bucking his hips into the touch again.  

She chuckled lowly, and wrapped her fingers loosely around his cock, stroking him slowly.

“Casey, come on.”

Casey grinned, and slid down, closing her mouth over the head, her tongue swirling.

“Fuck, Case,” Derek groaned, resisting the urge to thrust into her mouth.

The two were so caught up in what they were doing that they didn’t notice the door to the theater opening, but they did notice when Julian and Logan made it to the row of seats they were sitting in.

“Seriously? We were gone for ten minutes!”

= = =

About a month after the movie theater, Casey and Derek made plans to meet Julian and Logan for yet another double date.  This time they were supposed to meet them at one of the nicer restaurant in Westerville, and they were late.

Logan checked his watch again, for the fifth time in the past fifteen minutes.

“Calm down, Lo. They probably just got stuck in traffic or something,” Julian told his boyfriend, laying a calming hand on his arm.

Logan rolled his eyes.  “There was no traffic. I knew we should have all just rode together.”

“They’ll be here.”

Logan checked his watch again, and sighed.  Derek and Casey were officially twenty-five minutes late, and he was getting annoyed.

“Try texting Derek again,” Julian suggested, recognizing the look on Logan’s face.  “I’m going to go to the bathroom.  Stay calm, Lo.”

Logan just shrugged him off, pulling out his cell phone, and Julian rolled his eyes.  As he walked off toward the bathroom, he pulled out his own phone, dialing the familiar number.

Once again, he got Derek’s voicemail.  “Derek, I don’t know where the fuck you are, but Lo is about to flip his shit. Call me.”  He ended the call, and pushed the bathroom door open, his eyes widening at what he saw.

Casey was sitting on the sink, her head thrown back against the mirror, eyes closed.  Derek was kneeling in front of her, his head beneath her skirt.

Julian stood there in shock for a couple minutes, until a loud moan escaped his best friend’s girlfriend’s lips. 

“Oh god. Logan is going to kick your ass,” was the only thing Julian could think to say.

= = = 

After that, Logan and Julian refused to go on any more double dates with Casey and Derek.  Although that had never been his plan, this suited Derek just fine.  He preferred to have Casey all to himself, after all.

One night after one of their nights out, Derek was sneaking Casey back into Stuart with him. This was made slightly more difficult by the fact that they had been drinking, and were slightly tipsy.  They were having a really hard time keeping their hands off of each other, and were stopping every few steps.

Eventually they made it to Derek’s room.  Derek tugged a giggling Casey into the room, barely shutting the door before pressing Casey against it, kissing her deeply.  She sighed into the kiss.  Derek slid his hands down her back and to the back of her things, lifting her up and spinning them around.  He started walking toward the bed, the stopped cold at what he saw on his bed.

A mostly naked Julian was straddling a very naked Logan, kissing him furiously.  The pair on the bed didn’t seem to notice that they were no longer alone in the room.  

Derek set Casey back down on the floor, and cleared his throat loudly.  Julian and Logan looked at them, identical flushes covering their faces.

Derek shook his head.  “God, is there anywhere you two won’t have sex?”

At their best friend’s words, Julian and Derek protested loudly, their sheepish looks fading into looks of disbelief.  Casey couldn’t help but burst into giggles.

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